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Signs of a Sewer Drain Clog

As a homeowner, you may face issues such as sewer drain clog which is a common plumbing issue. Having sewer drain clog may entirely cause issues with your plumbing fixtures in the house. It would be best to find ways of fixing sewer drain clog to prevent it from affecting your drainage system. As a homeowner, it would be wise to learn about the indications of a sewer drain clog. As a homeowner, you should acknowledge that understanding the signs of a sewerage drainage clog would give you insights on preventing adverse effects on your drainage systems. The following are signs of a sewer drain clog reasons sewer drains clog.

You can be able to tell if there is a sewer drain clog reasons sewer drains clog by checking out for foul odors near your drainage. If there is a sewer drain clog you would get a typical foul smell. The intensity of a sewer drain clog smell would indicate the severity of the clog. The characteristic unpleasant smell of a clogged sewer comes from rotting materials that block the drainage. You can tell a sewer drain clog from the intense foul smell near the drainage.

You can confirm sewer drain clogs by checking for water backups reasons sewer drains clog. If therefore are debris clogging your sewer drain, you may have water coming out of wrong places as it moves through the blocked pipes.

Tree and other physical blockages are the other cause for the sewer drain clog reasons sewer drains clog. As a result of the trees having the root that can penetrate to the sewer systems, they can lead to a sewer drain clog. The trees also have the branches that periodically break and fall in the sewer leading to a sewer drain clog. Apart from the roots and the branches of the trees, there is also the issue of the tree leaves as well. The other way the trees can cause the sewer drain clog is when they fall in the line of the sewer drain lines. You should not overlook the effects the trees have in clogging your sewer drains.

If the drains run slowly and in other case not at all that can result in a sewer drain clog. The slow run of the drains can cause the blockage of the upstream which can clog the sewer. The white deposits on your drains is a clear indication that your sewer has clogged. The other important elements that you can use to check whether your sewer has clogged is the fact that the toilet and the bathrooms do not flush at all. In most cases employing some methods like plunging will not work.

This article captures the causes of a sewer drain clog reasons sewer drains clog.