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Basic Metrology Facts Worth Noting

As an average individual, you don’t often hear the term metrology used on a daily basis. You might have come across it if you work in an industry that relies on it. For sure, you don’t hear it used in daily conversations, and again, most people have no idea what it is all about. If you’ve been advised to hire only trusted metrology services, you have to understand what the root word means first. Here is an overview of metrology if you want to learn more about it.

If you look at the term ‘metrology,’ you should know that it is Greek in origin and derives from the words ‘metron’ and ‘logos.’ If you translate them, they imply the study of measurement. When it comes to the origins of measurement, you have to take note that they go beyond the time of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. For many years, these people utilized a standard of measurement that comes with regular calibrations for them to make sure that they have the correct size of stones to use for their building projects.

If you look at modern measurement systems that average persons and professionals use, though, they come from the industrial revolution. Prior to this time period, creating parts of items means that craftsmen need to go by each part individually. When two of these parts don’t combine well, the craftsman will make sure to change whatever is necessary to fit them. They were not so keen on using standards of measurement because every item they created is unique and handcrafted.

When the late 18th century came, though, the standards of manufacturing began changing. There were French musket producers that wanted to make sure that the parts of their products are interchangeable. For the army to repair broken muskets fast, arms manufacturers came up with parts that can fit any gun.

Over the years, new methods were developed and copied by other arms producers. For American gun makers, they came up with production lines for every operation necessary to make a product, which then uses a certain machine. The finished product then becomes a result of the assembled parts. It was not necessary anymore to utilize the skills of workers for every part to be manufactured using this technique. For this time, manufacturers relied on machines that only need operating by unskilled operator hands.

Currently, metrology or the study of measurement applies to various fields, such as engineering, manufacturing, and science and technology. Within these fields, metrology is applied to verify and validate any predefined standards. These standards are an important component of metrology. This is why certified laboratories must make sure to verify and test these standards against a recognized quality system. Aside from scientific metrology as a subfield of metrology, you also have industrial metrology and legal metrology. You can click the link for more info on these subfields.

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